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Interior Design Kelowna - Interior designer Paulette Facca
Interior Design Kelowna - Interior designer Paulette Facca beside the Creative Touch trailer

My professional highlights include:

  • Graduating with a certificate in Interior Decorating 2007.
  • Receiving the “Female Business of the Year” award through the All Nations Trust Company in 2009.
  • Donating my time and design expertise to “Homes for the Holidays”, hosted by the Rotary Centre for the Arts for two years running, which also led to recognition of Creative Touch Interiors Inc. by a local radio station in Kelowna, BC.

My key services are design & planning, project management and styling & finishing, which provides my clients with a complete range of services to see their design through from initial vision to project completion. Not only do I value the relationship I build with a client along the way, but I see it as an integral part of the success of what I do.

Meet Paulette Facca, Kelowna Interior Designer

Owner/Senior Designer/ Project Manager

My name is Paulette Facca, and I am the founder and owner of Creative Touch Interiors Inc., a residential interior design firm established in 2007 when I turned my love and passion for enhancing home spaces into a business.

My first experience in the industry was designing and building my own home while living in Eastern Canada. Shortly thereafter I moved to Kelowna BC, where I renovated and sold an older home and this is how I got started in the interior design business in Kelowna.  It’s been a rewarding journey, building a portfolio of home renovation projects and working with a diverse range of clients across the Okanagan. With every home and every client, I look forward to building relationships and contributing to new happiness in the spaces people call home.

My personal philosophy is simple:  we don’t just exist in our environments – instead our environments reflect our personalities and convey our desires. It is my goal to bring happiness to others by unearthing the beauty that awaits within the home and using its existing value to inspire and enhance the new design. Let’s use your classic fixtures and gorgeous cabinet to bring out the qualities of what makes a home, home. This is how Creative Touch Interiors Inc. achieves results that stand the test of time.

Ready to discuss your home project? Contact Creative Touch Interiors Inc. today. You can find our office at 445 Banks Road in the Associated Contractors space.

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